Electric Agate and Matt Onyx & Oxide Specific Brackets Charm Bracelet

  • 16EB801
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A product of the Specific Collection. The collection, which portrays the harmony of silver and radiant gems, aims to demonstrate the brands commitment to fashion and the bold statement of sexlessness in contemporary designs.

  • Oxide Plated 925kt Silver Brackets

  • Oxide Plated 925kt Silver Stamp

  • 8mm Natural Electric Agate and Matt Onyx Stones


* This product comes in a sleek black pull out box.

* Avoid contact with water, creams, perfumes, alcohol, bleach and similar chemical substances.


Small 14.6 - 16.5cm ( Woman Standart Form )
Medium 16.6 - 18.5cm ( Man Standart & Woman Relax Form )
Large 18.6 - 20.5cm ( Man Relax Form )


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